10 Questions I Wish People Would Stop Asking About Twins

There is something magical, mystifying and intriguing about twins, triplets and other multiples. As a mother of twins, I’ve been getting the aawws, wows and amazement for over ten years. As cute and humorous as it is for you, it gets tiring for me, so here are 10 questions I wish people would stop asking.

  1. Are they twins?
    • No you are seeing magic! (Rolling my eyes from here, all the way back to Mexico). Of course they are twins! Why do you think there’s an uncanny resemblance – identical face, height, weight, etc.?
  2. What’s it like having twins?
    • It’s like having two children of the exact same age!
  3. Do you get confused and mix them up?
    • No, I do not. As the mother and someone who’s been staring in their faces for over 11 years, I see two different faces, two different children.
  4. How do you tell them apart?
    • See answer to question 3.
  5. Have you fed one of them twice thinking you have fed both?
    • See answer to question 3. Truth be told though; this did happen with their paternal grandmother once.
  6. Are you sure they’re fraternal, because they look identical to me.
    • *big sigh* Yes, I am sure. The doctor and ultrasound, etc, showed two different sacs and two different placentas. Am I absolutely sure? No, because we have not done the DNA/ gene testing to confirm everything.
  7. Which one is the troublemaker?
    • They both are.
  8. Do they fight?
    • No, they are perfect little angels and they have no reason to have disagreements with each other. (insert eye roll here)
  9. Why aren’t they dressed alike?
    • *big sigh* Because while they look “identical”, they are two separate individuals with two separate identities and personalities so we treat them as such.
  10. Do you have a favourite?
    • *big sigh* Yes we do! Doesn’t every parent?!

These are the short versions of the answers as sometimes I’m in a good mood so the person asking the question feels encouraged to ask more ridiculous questions. Other times my answers are more succinct with a color of sarcasm so (some) persons take the hint and not pursue any further. Nonetheless, being a mother of twins is non-stop fun and excitement; it almost makes me wonder what life would be like with triplets!


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